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India’s Most Innovative Industrial Packaging Startup 2019

Automotive Packaging

Bringing the best-in-class industrial packaging solution to you, Econovus is packaging engineering company that stands out for its eco-friendly, innovative cost effective & smart catalogue of products.

Our range of services: 

  • Complete Automotive Packaging Solutions
  • 2D/3D Design Solutions
  • Returnable Packaging Solutions
  • Heavy-Duty Expendable Packaging Solutions
  • Export Packaging Solution
  • Wide range of Sustainable Packaging Products

Established with the intention of being a pioneer in the export packaging industry setting benchmark standards through innovation and engineering prowess. Product innovation that is Sustainable, Reliable, Cost-Effective, Safe & Eco-friendly, sums our teams’ constant endeavor in a nutshell.

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Our mission is to diligently work on our vision to ensure our relationship with you precede the 4Ps to the P that refers to People, first. Our Mission is to build sustainable relationship that you would want to boast forward.


Econovus strives to be a collaborative business entity over competitive, providing Heavy Duty Industrial Packaging Solution, globally. Product that creates value for all stakeholders and reduce carbon footprint is our ardent vision.


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