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About Econovus

Econovus, an ISO certified organization, is an organized engineered industrial packaging manufacturer
customised packaging and design solutions provider for the global market.
Our commitment to you, is backed by our expertise in providing strategic solution
in the area of Automotive Supply Chain through our state of the art packaging technology.

Our services

Heavy Duty Export Packaging Solutions

It includes Returnable Pallets, PP Boxes. Corrugated Boxes, Collapsible Boxes and customized metal collapsible boxes.

Returnable Packaging Solutions

Returnable Packaging with Intelligent Logistics System (ILS), powered by BLE technology. It includes Returnable Pallets, PP Boxes. 

Design & Engineering Centre

Designing for different device dimensions while taking advantage of device specific features to create user friendly web applications

Why Choose Econovus?

Bringing the best-in-class industrial packaging solution to you, Econovus is packaging engineering company that stands out
for its eco-friendly, innovative cost effective & smart catalogue of products.

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Heavy Duty Export Packaging Solutions

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Econovus Packaging Solutions

Help us meet your sustainability goals with our recycling options. The team at Econovus Packaging Solutions works with your team to help with your sustainability efforts, so you can tell your customers what you’re doing to save the environment.

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