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Eco-Friendly, Heavy-Duty Expendable Packaging products, which are designed and manufactured using the best-in-class industry-specific materials.
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About Econovus

Idea of Econovus is to provide Innovative and Sustainable Packaging Solutions to reduce
carbon footprint by upto 93% and Cost Reduction by 10-15% The Solution Consist of using
a unique Engineering Approch and Usage of high technology eco friendly material.

Why Choose Econovus?

Bringing the best-in-class industrial packaging solution to you, Econovus is packaging engineering company that stands out
for its eco-friendly, innovative cost effective & smart catalogue of products.

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Green Company

India’s first Green Packaging Company, Econovus Packaging. Our packaging being sustainable and eco-friendly are also certified now! We love being considerate of you as well as the environment.

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Because Trust Matters!

As an young organisation our steps are cautious and careful steps. Handholding for every step taken is thoroughly guided by experienced professionals. It has been an outstanding and blessed journey for Econovus so far. We would like to bestow our sincere gratitude and fervent regards to our partners who trusted in us because, like you, we also value our customers’ trust!

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Econovus Packaging Solutions

Help us meet your sustainability goals with our recycling options. The team at Complete Packaging Solutions works with your team to help with your sustainability efforts, so you can tell your customers what you’re doing to save the environment.

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